Our beliefs affect our behaviour and what we do with our lives:

We try to be a positive effect on our community

We believe that followers of Christ are meant to have a positive influence on the community they are in. We should bring love and comfort to those we meet.

We try to do this in Kings Heath by providing what service and help we can - we run regular charity  coffee mornings for anyone to come to, have some company and some good cakes. We help raise money for charities such as the NSPCC and Birmingham Children's Hospital. We also run a youth group to give children in our area a safe and friendly place to go on Friday nights - and give their parents a well earned night in!

We tell people about the faith we have

We believe the biggest way to have a positive effect on our community is to tell people about the faith we have in Christ. We genuinely believe that our hope is something wonderful that the world should know about - real good news of salvation. We believe that the life of a believer in Christ is the most rewarding and fulfilling available and so we will spend time trying to spread this good news in our area of Birmingham.

We study the Bible

We believe that the Bible is the word of God. We believe he caused it to be written to teach us about him, his love, his justice and his purpose for the earth. We believe it is a book which is still powerful and relevant today. We believe it teaches us about ourselves, and shows us how to be better people, build better communities and most importantly - learn more about Christ and God - so we can be more like them.

We meet together regularly

We believe that believers should meet together regularly and form strong communities - like a family. We meet to worship, to study the Bible or just to be with each other and get to know each other better. We believe that by doing this, we will strengthen each other and develop the intimate relationships where we can really be honest with each other and help each other to develop to be more like Christ.

We pray

We believe that prayer is a way we can talk to God, to praise him, to ask for help for ourselves and others - and to help us develop a stronger love for him.