We have a number of core beliefs essential to our faith:


We believe that there is an all-powerful eternal God. We believe that he created the world, and that he has a purpose for it. We believe he is loving, just, compassionate, merciful and righteous - and wants to have a relationship with people who show these same characteristics.


We believe that sadly humankind in large is astray from God's characteristics. As a race, we don't show his love, and compassion, but instead are very self centred, and often treat each other in some awful ways. Because of our ungodly ways (known as sin), we believe we are completely mortal - one day all of us will die, and unless God intervened then we would all stay dead. Essentially, we need help from God.


We believe that God has intervened by sending his son - Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus came to the earth to save us from our sins (the self centred and ungodly things we do). Jesus lived a perfect and sinless life. He willingly gave his life and died on a cross. Because he was sinless, God raised him from the dead and Jesus now lives for ever as an immortal king.


We believe that God is willing to save us through faith in Jesus. If we believe in Jesus and the work he did for us through his death and resurrection then God will save us. This belief will mean that we become followers of Jesus out of a love for what he has done. We will live new lives of selfless service to God and to other people, and will act in line with God's commands and principles. The end result of our faith means that God will forgive us our sins and one day give us eternal life too.

THe Future

We believe that Jesus Christ will one day return to this earth. He will return as a king and will rule over the earth. At this time, all his followers throughout history (whether still alive or raised from the dead) will be given eternal life and united with him. They will help him change and renew the earth until it is a paradise again. They will tell all the world about God and show his love. Eventually, all the earth will be united with God - his purpose with the earth will be complete.

We have here shown our main beliefs. If you want to see why we believe these things, or find out more about our other beliefs then please go to the "Why We Believe" section of this site. You can see the reasons for our faith and the Bible verses that inform what we believe about God and his plan for the earth.